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The TB-650

12 Volt Package Deal.

TB-650 Spindle:
The main focus of this design is speed, while keeping the bearings cool. The first thing you'll notice are the oversized heat sinks around the head and back bearings. This helps pull heat away from the bearings which allows the spindle to run faster while still staying cool even under continuous loads. The housing of the spindle is constructed out of 6061 T-6 Aluminum, which also helps greatly in pulling the heat away from the bearings. 

Another thing you'll notice is there is the brass knob at the top of the drive pulley. There are NO TOOLS REQUIRED for this spindle. You simply turn the knob on the top of the pulley, which loosens the collet at the nose. This allow the cutter to slide out and changed for another, then you simply turn the knob in the other direction to tighten the collet, and you're ready to go. Very little force is needed to lock the cutter in place.

Third thing you'll notice is the Massive Stainless Steel Head on the spindle, the part that holds the collet. This has two purpose's. 

1. It adds tremendous amount of support for the collet and cutter. It is designed to take heavier side cutting loads then my previous model, the TB-350 spindle, which was originally designed for PBC's. 

2. It also acts as a shield for the 2 bearings in the head. This helps prevents dust and particles from getting in to bearings for longer service life.

The TB-650 spindle measures 1.200" in diameter and is approximately 4.500" long and will run at around 25,000 rpm. With it's oversized 1/2" by 3/4" Stainless Steel Bearings, the spindle is capable of cutting Brass, Aluminum, Hard Woods, Plastics,...ect with ease. 

I have used all of the proven methods of my previous models to retain it's accuracy and long life span that the Wolfgang Spindles are known for, but have added to the design to advance it even further.

Drive Motor:
The drive motor will bring the spindle up to around 25,000 rpm's and runs off a common 12 volt power source. The drive system will provide the spindle with approximately 150 Watts of cutting power. Great for cutting Aluminum, Brass, Non-Ferrous Metals,... not to mention Hard Woods, Plastics, and PCB's. The motor is designed with a dual drive belt pulley system. This provides the system with extra security to prevent damage to your project if one belt happens to break. One belt will drive the spindle long enough to allow you to stop your program to safely replace the belt.

Pro's & Con's of the 12VDC drive compared to my other options.

* 150 Watts of cutting power.
* Inexpensive to replace or rebuild.
* Uses common power source. (A car battery would even work)
* Long service life for the cost. Very economical.
* Great for international buyers. 220 to 110 Converter not required.
* Motor is completely rebuildable. 

Has a little bit of noise to it. (Hairdryer on low)

TB-650 Mount:
This mount is exclusive to the TB-650. It brings your spindle approx. 1.250" out from the face of the mount and has 4 counter-bored holes for #10 size bolts. 
The hole pattern are 1" apart, up and down, and from side to side. This will allow you to mount the spindle to most machines being used such as the Taig milling machine or the WidgitMaster router. Adapter plates are available upon request. 

Some of the spindles main features include: 

* 3 Massive 1/2" by 3/4" Greased Stainless Steel Bearings per Spindle. 

* Aluminum Housing and Oversized Heat Sinks for Cooler Runs. 

* Oversized Stainless Head for Maximum Support of the Head and Cutter. Keeps Dust Out.

* Dual Belt Drive Pulley Design.

* Standard 1/8" (.125") Collet Included.

* Typical T.I.R. .0001"

* Max T.I.R. .0004"

* End Play <.0003"

* Average Bearing Life: 1200 Hours @ 25,000 R.P.M.

* Max Recommended Spindle Speed: 30,000 R.P.M.

* Spindle Length Measures 4.500" and has A 1.200" Diameter Body. 

* Each Spindle is Hand Crafted for "Hands-On" Quality Control.

* 100% Made in the U.S.A.

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